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My name is Aaron Fillmore! I've been thoroughly immersed in computers and electronics since I was only 5. From building computers to wiring homes for full ethernet access, learning new skills and honing my current skills are my top priority.

About Me


Hello! I'm Aaron Fillmore and I am a Network and Systems Administrator

I've been heavily involved with computers, servers and networks since I was a young child, so systems administration is my specialty. Whether your network includes Windows, Linux or a mix of both, I'm prepared to adapt and overcome any challenges that you may face.

When I look back on how technology has advanced since I was a child, I'm absolutely blown away. Nowadays, I can spin up a VPS to try new tools at a click of a button. In fact, this website, my email and custom tools are run through a series of servers that I've configured and secured myself. Having that hands-on experience makes me a valuable member of any team, as I'm not afraid to try new things and find the most efficient way of doing things.

I've picked up a large amount of my networking and Linux skills through running my own companies, working for others as a systems administrator or consulting for businesses, giving them an attack plan so they can provide the most efficient service to their customers. With these opportunities, I've had many great experiences that enhance my knowledge and hone my skills. I personally believe that every job, no matter how small or tedious, can teach me something new or meet incredible people to learn from.

My Skills
Windows 10
Windows Server 2012 & 2016
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Large Understanding

Random facts and questions about me
A lot of the work I do has an NDA attached to it, which I always respect. However, here's a few of the companies I've gotten to work with!

XenoPanel, Dylan.Systems, FedEx Express, and more!
Man, this is a tough one. Besides playing some good old fashioned video games with friends, I thoroughly enjoy playing airsoft, go-karting, off-roading and anything that has an engine. I also really enjoy playing around with microcontrollers and making little circuits for fun.

Attending meetups for electronics or hackathons are always a ton of fun and I make it a point to attend them when I can.
Currently, I'm residing in Spokane, Washington.

Travelling around the area for jobs or various work opportunities is something I'm okay with.

Complete relocation can be discussed, as I don't have anything specifically holding me down to this location.
A h-u-g-e mix of different genres. I feel like a lot of electronic music dominates my playlists, as they really get me pumped and going.
Depending on the project, I will probably accept freelance work offers. If it's a bit out of my reach, I will discuss it with you but still be up for a challenging project.

My Previous Projects

XenoPanel Motion Graphics

I had the opportunity to create a nice logo intro for XenoPanel, a company I currently work for.



Dashie.Systems is my personal server that handles images, url shortening and hosts my projects.



I.Dashie.Systems is an image server that can capture my desktop and upload it and automatically copy the link.


My Software Experience

I've always been one for trying new software and tools. Here's a run-down on what I've worked with!

#1 - CentOS 6 & 7
#2 - Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04 and 18.04
#3 - RHEL 6.9 and 7.4
#4 - Windows 10
#5 - Adobe After Effects
#6 - Adobe Premiere
#7 - Adobe Illustrator
#8 - Adobe Photoshop
#9 - Amazon Web Services
#10 - Digital Ocean
#11 - Vultr
#12 - Github